Do I Qualify?

Qualification Standards

 In order to provide speedy and effective service, we need the following items:

  • Valid Identification (Driver's License/State-Issued Identification Card)
  • Social Security Card
  • Last Three Pay Stubs
  • For self-employed, most recent tax return, last 3 months' bank statements, and valid business or contractor license
  • For retired or government aid, social security, or government documentation and the last 3 months' bank statements
  • Holding Deposit for Apartment or Home

Qualifying Criteria

  • Each person who plans to occupy the rental unit over the age of 18 must complete the entire Rental Application form and pay the $45 application fee by money order, cashier's check, or pay online.
  • The income must be 2 times the amount of applicant's combined monthly gross income minus combined major debt payments (balances of $2000 or greater).
  • At least 2 years positive rental or house payment history without any prior evictions.
  • Good Credit History

Holding Deposit (Required at the Time of Applying)

  • Apartments - $100
  • Homes - $200
  • If Applicant(s) fail to sign Rental Agreement and pay remaining funds within 10 days of the Agreement to Hold, the holding deposit will be retained by Owner.  In addition, if applicant fails to provide a valid identification at the time of move-in, keys will not be provided.

Security Deposit

  • Apartments: $500
  • Houses: Amount Equal to One Month's Rent + $200

We do not accept cash at any time. All monies due prior to occupancy must be paid by certified check or money order.

We do not discriminate based on race, ethnic background, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, age, familial status, disability, sexual orientation, receipt of public assistance, or personal characteristics or traits.